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Wildlife Photography

Bear Country!

with Roie Galitz

Join renowned wildlife photographer and Greenpeace Ambassador, Roie Galitzon a talk about wildlife photography and the extreme conditions he endures to capture beautiful photos of endangered animals in their natural habitat!


The hour-and-a-half talk will cover the adventure-packed stories from his travels to Lake Kuril, Kamchatka, where hundreds of bears gather to hunt salmon and prepare for a long winter of hibernation. 

Roie is a keynote speaker with 3 TEDx talks, spoke at the United Nations on conservation and many photography conferences around the world.

Join Roie on a virtual trip to the edge of the Earth! 

Roie will answer your most burning questions like: 

  • Where is Kamchatka and what makes it so special?

  • Why do hundreds of bears gather here?

  • Why are there so many salmon here?

  • How do you get so close to the bears?


Thursday, April 16th

8:00 PM Eastern Time /

5:00 PM Pacific Time


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