Pantanal – Land of Jaguars and Caymans

with Roie Galitz

Join renowned wildlife photographer and Greenpeace Ambassador, Roie Galitzon a talk about wildlife photography and the extreme conditions he endures to capture beautiful photos of endangered animals in their natural habitat!

In the southwest of Brazil, you can find the world’s largest tropical wetlands and home to some of the most unique animals on Earth. From the Caymans and Capybaras, to the Giant River Otters and the great Jaguars. Join wildlife photographer Roie Galitz for a live talk in another episode of “around the world” series.

Roie is a keynote speaker with 3 TEDx talks, his award winning photos has led him to be a keynote speaker at the United Nations on conservation and photography conferences around the world.

Join Roie on a virtual trip to the edge of the Earth! 


Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

8:30 PM Eastern Time /

5:30 PM Pacific Time


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