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Exclusive Expedition to South Georgia Islands


14 - 28 October 2023

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve launched our new exclusive high-end expedition to one of the most awesome places on Earth - South Georgia Islands!!
South Georgia is one of the most remote places and also one of the most abundant wildlife concentrations on Earth! Millions of penguins in huge colonies and elephant seals, fur seals, whales and so much more. I can’t wait to be there again!



On October 2023, we will embark our own chartered new and amazing Magellan Explorer Vessel. Launched 2019, with the newest technologies of speed and stabilizers.

89 passengers only, can be a part of this wonderful adventure and with 6 different levels of cabin comfort.

Limited time Early Bird discount for the first to join!

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Our exclusive adventure in South Georgia with some of the world's top experts is ready for you!

Next step is to choose your cabin as soon as possible, because there's a limited availability, and our amazing team will take care of everything else.

Your adventure of a lifetime awaits

Are you ready?


Days Duration

October 14-28



Photography Guides
World Renowned Award Winning Photographers


Specialist Guides

for South Georgia:

Naturalists, Biologists, photographers and more


89 guests only, divided to 10 groups for intimate experience


Start and Finish

In the Falklands, saves time at sea = more time on land!

We have chartered the new and amazing Magellan Explorer. This lovely boat is intimate and sturdy, especially for the Antarctic waters. Launched in 2018, it boasts all the newest technologies with higher top speed and state of the art stabilizers. 

89 passengers only, can be a part of this wonderful adventure and with 6 different levels of cabin comfort. All cabins enjoy large windows on the picturesque views, desk an chair, and of course comfortable beds, individually controlled heating and private bathroom with a shower.

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Our super-pro staff is consisted by world renowned guides. From biologists and naturalists to historian and geologist to give talks during our cruising time and guide us on our landings.

4 award-winning wildlife photographers will make sure you’ll make the most of your camera and photographic aspirations onboard.

We will make those landings with our 8 Zodiac boats to make the most of each location.

Oh, yeah… there’s also great food and dining room, a bar, an observation lounge, library, gym etc.

Want to watch the Webinar with Roie Galitz?

Wish to learn more about this magical place? Watch this free webinar with Roie Galitz who will share with you his images and stories from this pristine adventure and you'll be able to ask all the questions you might have about this expedition.


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