Roie Galitz is one of the most popular Keynote speakers as his breath-taking and award-winning images don't only captivate the audience, but also inspire them to push their own limits. He shows the beauty of our world, while raising awareness to pressing environmental issues - we are all a part of the solution. Roie's recent talk at the United Nations Headquarters on World Wildlife Day had a huge impact on hundreds of attendees in person and thousands on the live broadcast. Roie's TED talks share his unique point of view on our world and his corporate talks on inspiration and motivation has been acclaimed with top reviews and testimonials. Book your talk NOW.

The Hottest, Wildest Talks Around

Wildlife Photography 
Secrets Behind the Lens

In his fascinating talk, Roie shares his personal experiences from intimate encounters with rare animals around the globe. In his most popular talk, Roie reveals the secrets behind the camera, and how he actualizes his dreams on a daily basis. “Wildlife Photography Around the World - The Little Secrets Behind the Big Photographs” was presented in professional events and conferences across the globe, and got a great response. One of the most popular talks, with hundreds of appearances.

* Enriching lecture for wide audiences.

Achieving the Unachievable
The Power of Networking

Some goals seem impossible to reach. That's when the power of your network is the greatest, and with it no goal is unachievable. Roie Galitz is lucky enough to be living his dream and working with his passion, and you can be too. Discover how to use the same tools to achieve your goals and increase your network to gain so much more. Learn how to use the power of your words to turn any dream into your reality. 

* A must for corporates. Dozens of companies have enjoyed it, from Amazon and Dell, through Cornell Alumni and even the Army.

Mothers of the Wild
The True Heroines

There are true superheroes in the wild. Not the lions, tigers or leopards but the mothers! Male animals don’t usually stay around after getting the female pregnant and it is up to her to hunt, feed and keep her young cubs safe. Listen to jaw-dropping first hand stories and feel empowered. Learn how to embrace challenges and rely on yourself.

* Popular with women's empowerment events, Mother's Day and Family Events.

Land of Fire and Bears

In Russia's Eastern peninsula lies the land of Kamchatka. Previously closed off as a military base, Kamchatka is untouched by man, a place where brown bears roam free. Join Roie in learning about the volcanic landscape, Lake Kuril and the salmon run, what brings these brown bears here, and the threats they face today. 

The Heart of Africa

On Africa's Eastern coast is Tanzania, home to the "Big Five" and plenty of other safari animals. Here, we see animals on the hunt like never before. Join Roie on a safari tour in this riveting lecture about the adventures in this untamed land. 

4 Corners of the Earth
Journey to World's Extreme

Our world is amazing. every corner of it is magnificent. In This talk you will virtually travel with Roie Galitz to his favorite edges of the planet - from the Polar Bears of Svalbard, to the Penguins of Antarctica, and from the Bear of Kamchatka to the Great Migration in Africa. Every destination and its fascinating stories behind the scenes. The lecture is both inspiring and practical for nature lovers, adventurers, and dreamers everywhere.

* A very enjoyable talk for travel and exploration enthusiasts who love the Extreme.

Our Fragile Planet
Biodiversity of Endangered Species

Over the years, Roie has advocated for the animals who cannot defend themselves. He captured the destruction of natural habitats over time to educate on the salience of their protection. Join Roie in this moving lecture, sharing snippets from different parts of the Earth, learning the importance of protecting our planet, and how we can make it happen.

* This talk was given in the United Nations, in NY Climate Week and other environmental events.

Wild Sex 
You Won't Believe What They're Doing! 

We love to think of romance, passion and sexuality to be exclusive human concepts. Narrow-minded people like to say “that’s against nature” in regards to certain rituals.  As a wildlife photographer, Roie observed an abundance of strange behaviors in the animal kingdom. In this lecture, he will share these stories with you. 

* A very spicy and hot talk, on sexuality and the taboos in the animal kingdom. Popular with colleges, bachelorette parties and more.

Walking with Polar Bears

In the Norwegian Archipelago of the Arctic Ocean, the majestic Polar Bear roams in search of a delicious seal dinner. Join Roie as he discusses the bears' habits, threats to their livelihood and his adventures with coming face to face with the polar bears.

Photography in Extreme Conditions
Walk in Roie's Shoes

Learn about the extreme conditions Roie endures to capture incredible shots. From the heat of the Namibian desert, to the frozen island of Svalbard, and everything in between. Roie shares stories from his expeditions to the most dangerous edges of the Earth, and how he got so close to all the action. The lecture is both inspiring and practical for photography and nature lovers, adventurers, and dreamers everywhere.


United Nations HQ on World Wildlife Day

NYC Climate Week

TEDx Helsinki University, Finland

TEDx Wexford, Ireland

TEDx Glasgow, Scotland

CES, Las Vegas

The UK Photography Show, England

The University of Siena, Italy

Technion Institute of Technology, Israel

Cornell Tech Alumni Council, NY

Tel Aviv & Tel-Hai Museums, Israel

Annual Israeli Photography Conference

The United Nations Ambassadors Ball, NY

B&H Super Store, NY

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Mossad, IDF

Hapoalim & Leumi banks

And many others