I'm happy and motivated to show the beauty of our world and raise environmental awareness. 

In my keynotes I talk about my personal experiences with photographing animals in extreme conditions, and teach helpful tools and strategies to get the best shots - in photography and life.

I have proudly given 3 different TEDx talks, in Ireland, Finland and Scotland, as well as hundreds of talks in events and conventions around the world. If you're interested in having me speaking at your event, please contact us at:


March 2019: The Photography Show, UK

April 2019: The Israeli Conference for Conservation Science

April - May 2019: Svalbard Workshop, Norway

July 2019: B&H Event Space, NY

August 2019: Cornell Tech Alumni Council event, NY

September 2019: British Columbia Workshop, Canada

October 2019: Pantanal Workshop, Brazil

November 2019: Israel's Photography Convention, TLV

Into the Wild - Wildlife Photography Around the World. the Little Secrets behind Roie’s Greatest Shots, from the remotest most exciting corners of our planet.

A wildlife photographer's journey to the melting Arctic. Personal experiences of intimate encounters with polar bears, and the importance of protecting it right now. (Check out this talk at TEDx Helsinki)

A Universal Crossroad through a Wildlife Photographer’s Lens. Our planet is changing as we speak - its climate, structure and life on it are transforming, fast. Can we make a difference before it is too late? (Check out this talk at TEDx Wexford)

Super Mothers of the Wild

Jaw-dropping empowering stories about nature’s greatest and fiercest moms, and their amazing accomplishments from Africa to the Americas. 

Sex - It's in our Nature

Exciting courtship rituals, animalistic sexual encounters and even monogamy. First hand stories about love, romance and sex in the animal kingdom.

Composition of Success

How to live your dreams and work with your passion. Roie’s personal experience and life lessons from both his successful and disastrous expeditions.


Roie came prepared and energized to his keynote "the secrets behind nature photography", and the audience definitely felt it. Naturally and skillfully, he talked directly at us, setting a great atmosphere in the lecture hall. Roie’s ability to combine on-point, intriguing, even breathtaking tales with winning frames, is inspiring. His emotional connection and reactiveness makes every moment of his talk an unusual mind-opening experience, leaving us asking for more.

Ruthie Moses

Tel-Hai Museum of Photography

Thank you for mentoring on GoPublic. The energy in the room was so amazing! Thank you for sharing your TED experience and your moving story of polar bears. It really made us want to be with you in the wild, and feel it too. I got many praises for your inspiring talk. 

Limor Remler


Roie gave a talk in our medical conference for the second time, and it was absolutely fascinating! His incredible photographs were jaw dropping, and the stories behind it - even more so. The images were unique and colorful, and so did Roie. We all had a wonderful time, and my phone kept ringing with praises all throughout the weekend.

Yona Reuven

Medical Media

I was extremely impressed by Roie as the convention’s host. He was well-spoken, warm and highly connected to his audience. Roie created a pleasant atmosphere and it was easy to see that he was comfortable on stage and feeling the room.

Abigail Tenembaum

TED Talks International

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