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Roie Galitz is a world renowned wildlife photographer, environmental diplomat, an entrepreneur and public speaker.

As a nature lover, Roie travels to the world's most extreme habitats and documents animals as never seen before. But, that has also made him more aware of nature's distress as human activity increases its influence. Galitz has become a Greenpeace Ambassador, performed 3 TED talks and is a Keynote speaker in many events world wide.

As an entrepreneur, Roie has founded several companies with the love for photography, creation and our amazing world at heart. He serves in executive boards and advisory boards on sustainability and environmental issues.

Nikon Ambassador
Sandisk Professional Ambassador
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As a wildlife photographer, Roie Galitz keeps pushing his limits, both creatively and physically. He travels all over the world, to the most extreme, just to return with the most epic images he can.

His images have won over a hundred international awards and were published in countless magazines including the Smithsonian, National Geographic and alike. Joint and solo exhibitions were held in museums and galleries in 5 continents, including the Natural History Museum in London and the Smithsonian in Washington DC. His Videography has also reached amazing peaks, including participating in 2 films in the BBC, short videos in National Geographic and other TV channels. The BBC film "Snow Bears" film has won the GDT award for excellence in photography.

Polar Bear and Camera
Photography Keynote Speaker

Public Speaking

As a Keynote Speaker, Roie strongly believes in the mission he has undertaken.

His talks spread inspiration for the unachievable, educate people on the love of photography and join the crowd together with compassion for our world's fragile species and habitats.

Roie's talks have been famously acclaimed and top reviewed by the hosts and audiences alike.

From the United Nation's HQ in New York, to venues across Europe and Asia, his talks with award winning images have captivated everywhere.

Learn more about Roie Galitz Public Speaking, and watch some of his Talks.

Photography Trip Svalbard

Roie is leading exclusive photography expeditions to his top destinations on Earth.

These expeditions are designed to create the best images possible, with world's leading experts and around the best time of the year for photography per project.

The groups Roie is leading are between 3 participants and a maximum of 12 in total. This intimate approach doesn't jeopardize his professional approach and helps him make sure that each and every guest is getting all the conditions required to fulfill his or her dream shots.

Among Roie's top destinations are Svalbard with the Polar Bears, Kamchatka, Tanzania, Antarctica and many more. Check out our upcoming expeditions and feel free to contact for more info.

Join Roie's Expedition

Wildlife Photography Talk

Ambassador and Educator

As an award winning, renowned wildlife photographer, alongside with his social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and of course his public speaking skills.

His reviews of photography gear were published in the world's leading websites (DPreview, Petapixel etc.), on Television Shows and talks in the leading conferences (CES, PPE and the Photography Show. He hosts The Israeli Photography Convention for the past 12 years and his photography school has had over 32K graduates.

Proud Ambassador of the world's leading brands: Nikon, Gitzo, Lowepro, SanDisk Professional and DJI 

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