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Welcome to my world. As a pro wildlife photographer, I've been on dozens expeditions in the most remote corners of our world, where I've had the privilege of meeting extraordinary animals in all their aspects of life: eating, mating, giving birth, growing their young, hunting and even just chillin'. I have come to the conclusion that they are not so different from us - wildlife all over the world want the same thing: live, love, raise their young and enjoy life.

If you look deep into my images, this is exactly what you’ll see - I’m capturing these behaviors and presenting them in all their glory to minimize the difference between “us” and “them”.


Getting these images is never easy… it requires a lot of effort and resources to spend over two hundred days with the polar bears of Svalbard, or reaching Antarctica on four expeditions, or venturing to the savannahs of Africa for over 250 days and many other locations all around the world. I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong, I’ve deeply enjoyed each and every one of these days - yes, even the toughest, coldest and most hurtful ones. Why? Because this is my life mission, because the rare souls I’ve met shared their story with me, because I am their ambassador delivering their message to the world.


For me, there is something magical about photography - I’m sharing my experience and perspective that I saw in that instance; I’m sharing my connection with the wildlife I’ve met; And it’s a Time Machine of a slice of time, that will be frozen forever - echoing the story on a wall, for eternity. Unfortunately , some of the precious creatures in my gallery, are not among the living anymore. Misha, the polar bear in my gallery, which I photographed since 2015 several times and died in April 2023, is one example… sadly, no more photos of her will be taken… but her story will live forever.


Only now, after 15 years of photographing thousands of wildlife, I feel ready to start delivering Fine Art prints. I’m finally ready to work on my first book. Sure, my images have won over 150 international photography awards and have been featured on countless platforms… but my goal was to create something on a whole different level, and perfectionism takes time. I hope it was worth the wait.

The Polar Regions are my home, it's where I'm in my comfort zone. I'm in love with the white landscapes of another world, and the endangered magical creatures who call it their home.

I believe in the power of photography to inspire and evoke emotion, and I am passionate about creating meaningful art that touches people’s hearts and minds. I hope that my work will bring awareness and wonder to everyone who views it, as well as advocate for the lives I photograph.

My Polar Bear Fine Art prints are available at custom sizes and mounts. contact for detals.
Each image is sold at a limited edition of 10 prints only.

My Fine Art Prints showcase African wild animals in all their glorious beauty. Capturing rare behaviors, touching moments and connecting emotionally, these prints tell a story of a forgotten world. High end, top quality fine art prints that will evoke your inner animal and bring the beauty of the wild into your home. Hang it up and let the wilderness take your breath away.

My African Fine Art prints are available at custom sizes and mounts. contact for details.
Each image is sold at a limited edition of 10 prints only.