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Welcome to my Kamchatka gallery, an ode to one of the Earth's last true wildernesses. I am Roie Galitz, a photographer and adventurer, and this collection is the culmination of my expeditions to the remote and mesmerizing Kamchatka Peninsula.

Kamchatka, a rugged land in Russia's Far East, is a mosaic of over 300 volcanoes, some fiercely active, set amidst vast tundra, dense forests, and dramatic coastlines. It is here, in this land of fire and ice, that nature unfolds in its most primal form. The peninsula is also a haven for extraordinary wildlife, including the iconic Kamchatka brown bear, diverse birdlife, and a rich marine ecosystem.

The heart of my Kamchatka journey lies in Lake Kurile, nestled within a dormant volcano in the peninsula's southern reaches. Reaching this secluded paradise is an adventure in itself. It begins with a helicopter ride over Kamchatka’s breathtaking landscapes, a panorama of volcanic peaks, winding rivers, and lush valleys. The journey to Lake Kurile is not just a travel but an aerial odyssey through some of the most stunning and inaccessible terrains on the planet.

Upon arrival, we set up camp along the lake's shores, our tents encircled by an electrified fence for safety. Here, in the heart of the wilderness, we coexist with nature, respecting its boundaries while immersing ourselves in its raw beauty. The experience of sleeping under the stars, surrounded by the untamed wilderness, is both humbling and exhilarating.

Photographing the Kamchatka bears is an experience of a lifetime. At Lake Kurile, I find myself face to face with these magnificent creatures, with no barriers between us. It’s a profound moment to witness them in their natural habitat, observing as they skillfully catch salmon in preparation for the long winter hibernation. The proximity offers an unparalleled opportunity to capture intimate and dynamic images of these majestic animals in their element.


For safety, a park ranger accompanies me, ensuring a respectful distance is maintained between us and the bears. This careful balance of safety and immersion is critical in capturing the essence of the Kamchatka bear without disrupting their natural behavior.

The images you see in this gallery are not just photographs; they are stories of adventure, resilience, and the awe-inspiring power of nature. They represent countless hours of planning, the challenges of traversing rugged landscapes, the patience required in waiting for the perfect shot, and the thrill of capturing moments that few have the chance to see.

Each Fine Art Print in this collection is an invitation to journey with me to Kamchatka, to feel the rush of the helicopter ride, the tranquility of nights by Lake Kurile, and the thrill of being in the presence of the majestic bears. These images are a testament to the beauty of our natural world and a reminder of the importance of preserving these wild places for generations to come.

Join me in exploring the untamed spirit of Kamchatka, where each photograph is a window into a world of wild beauty, raw power, and the enduring allure of one of the planet’s most extraordinary regions.

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