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Welcome to a glimpse into the Arctic wonderland of Svalbard, where the majestic polar bear reigns supreme. My name is Roie Galitz, and over the years, I've dedicated myself to capturing the essence of this remote paradise. With over 200 days spent across 26 expeditions in Svalbard, my journey has been one of endurance, passion, and a deep-seated commitment to showcasing the beauty of the Arctic through my lens.

Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, is a land of dramatic landscapes, ranging from towering glaciers and rugged mountains to vast, icy terrains that stretch beyond the horizon. This harsh yet mesmerizing environment is home to the iconic polar bear, a symbol of the Arctic's untamed nature.

Photographing these magnificent creatures has been more than a pursuit of art; it's a testament to the resilience and adaptability required to thrive in one of the planet's most extreme climates. My expeditions often involve braving sub-zero temperatures, navigating unpredictable weather, and patiently waiting for that perfect moment when nature reveals its awe-inspiring beauty.

Each image in this gallery is a story of survival, not just of the polar bears, but of an ecosystem under threat. Through my camera, I strive to bring you closer to the realities and wonders of the Arctic, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of this unique wilderness.

These photographs are a culmination of countless hours of planning, exploration, and a relentless quest to capture the soul of Svalbard.
Through my camera, I have had the privilege of capturing a mother polar bear nurturing and breastfeeding her cubs, an epitome of tenderness in the harsh Arctic environment. I’ve witnessed the dance of courtship and mating rituals, offering a rare glimpse into the private lives of these elusive giants. My lens has also frozen moments of the polar bear’s primal instinct, such as the dramatic hunting of a ringed seal, showcasing the raw beauty and brutality of the natural world.

Each image in this gallery, available as Fine Art Prints, is a testament to these extraordinary experiences. They are not just photographs, but stories of survival, family bonds, and the intricate balance of nature in one of the planet's most extreme climates. My expeditions, often challenging and always awe-inspiring, have been dedicated to bringing these moments to you, offering a window into the soul of the Arctic.

They are an invitation to witness the Arctic through my eyes - to feel the chill of the polar air, to marvel at the serene beauty of the landscape, and to gaze into the eyes of the polar bear, the true monarch of the North.

Join me in celebrating the splendor and fragility of Svalbard, a journey that transcends the ordinary and touches the very essence of our natural world.

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